Santorini - The best balcony in the world

Can the destructive rage of nature create a landscape of unprecedented beauty?
Can human power defy the danger and create masterpieces under the threat of it being short-lived?
Santorini gives answers to both these questions and it is astonishingly affirmative.

It is one of the few cases in which reality exceeds all expectations. As many travel guides as you may have read, as many magnificent photos you may have seen, the first time you see with your own eyes the sight of the settlements shining under the Greek sunlight on the edge of the caldera as if they were foam on a frozen wave of lava, you will be astonished.

No matter how many islands there are in Greece, the most wonderful and magnificent one, is only Santorini, the daughter of the volcano.

Apart from the unique beauty of the caldera, a giant “pot”, where on top of its rim some of the most brilliant works of the Cycladean architecture are stretched, the island is also of great historical, archaeological and geological interest. Moreover the island is rich in legends, myths, traditions, customs, feasts and festivals.

The name of Santorini derives from the church of Saint Eirini which is on the far tip of Thirasia, Riva.
It was given its name by Venetian Sailors, since it was the first church they saw on their right before they entered the caldera from the north.