Museums of Santorini

Naval museum of Oia

This unique maritime museum is one of the few in the Aegean Sea and is located in Oia. With a great variety of exhibits, it attempts to describe the maritime history of Santorini, especially during its great prosperity in the 19th century.

Museum of prehistoric Thira

A one of a kind peripheral museum, houses exhibits from the excavation at Akrotiri and illustrates prehistoric Thira through selected findings. It covers the course of the island from the early Neolithic period to the late Cycladic period as well as the prosperous times of Akrotiri with allocated parts such as the architecture of the city, development of art etc. Plaster casts of furniture, household items, guns, seals and wall paintings are some of the most impressive exhibits. The museum is located in Fira.

Archaeological Museum (Fira)

Even though most of the findings from the excavation at Akrotiri can be found in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Archaeological Museum of Fira contains various artifacts from excavations on the island and more particularly in Thira. An important exhibit is a collection of geometric red and black vases of the 5th century BC. Among the exhibits, there are many inscriptions, prehistoric and Minoan findings as well as Hellinistic period sculptures and Byzantine works of art.

Wine Museum of Santorini

A unique voyage in the history of wine in santorini. The museum is in Vothonas. The wine-making process is hosted in a building of traditional atmosphere but is also fully equipped. The unique wine museum is actually a natural cave 6 meters below ground and 300 meters in length. It presents the history of wine and the life of the Santorinian wine maker from 1660 to 1950 in viewings of semi-mobile and still-life figurines as well as audio tours. In the wine makery there is also the opportunity of wine tasting in order for the visitors to get to know the high quality of the wines of Santorini.